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what we say about ourselves

We are primarily a training, training management and ICT solution development company incorporated in Malaysia having offices in USA, and Bangladesh. Easycs Training is our training division for organizing and conducting training, seminar, and study tour programs locally and internationally. We partner with local and international universities to offer our training services to our local and foreign clients.

We have trained thousands of local and international participants since our incorporation in 2011, and the number is on growing. Besides conducting our own in-house training programs, we do organize a lot of international training programs for our foreign clients locally and internationally.

We are uncompromising about the quality of our services, and believe there is no alternative to customer satisfaction for continuity. We understand our customers and their expectations, we strive not only to grasp the level of customer satisfaction, but also surpass that. [ Read more... ]

Easycs News & Events

  • 28 Jan2020
    From 28 January 2020, Easycs Training organized a 7 days training program in Thailand for Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration and Production Company Limited (BAPEX).
  • 22 June2019
    A group of 52 participants from the Ministry of Post, Telecommunica-tion and Information Technology Innovation Mana-gement Bangladesh attended a 5 days program from the 22nd June 2019.
  • 7 Aug2018
    From the 7th August 2018 to the 18th August 2018 a group of 13 participants from the National Institute of Population Research and Training (NIPORT), Bangladesh have attended a week long training.
  • 23 Oct2017
    A group of 5 officials from the Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority, the Ministry of Post Telecommunication and Information Technology, has attended a 5 days seminar organized by Easycs Training.
  • 29 Oct2016
    A group of six participants from the Central Bank of Bangladesh attended a week long training program in Malaysia organized by Easycs Training from 29 October 2016 to 5 November 2016.
  • 26 Jan2015
    From January 2015 Easycs Training started organizing training programs for Oil and Gas companies under PETROBANGLA, a government-owned national oil company of Bangladesh.
  • 10 Mar2014
    Easycs Training in collaboration with Putra Business School organized a program "Exposure Visit on Best Practices HRM and Hospital Management" for the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Bangladesh.
  • 14 Jan2013
    On the 14th January 2013 Easycs with University Putra Malaysia inaugurated the training project 'Strengthening Government through Capacity Development' for the BCS cadre officials of Bangladesh.
  • 30 Jan2012
    Easycs Training in collaboration with University Putra Malaysia undertook a training project for the senior Government Officials of Bangladesh called "Strengthening Government of Bangladesh."