Onsite Training in hotel

On-site training programs are conducted either in client's premises or in hotel where client stay for the duration of the training. If a training program is to be conducted in client's premises we need to check if the client has training rooms with training facilities such as, tables, chairs, white-board, flip-chart, LCD projector, and in case of ICT training, number of computers with necessary software and internet access.

The same will be applied for hotels, if a training to be conducted at a hotel arranged by clients. However, if we organize a training program at a hotel we make sure that the required training facilities are available.

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on-site training in a hotel

Many of our clients prefer on-site training not because they have training rooms with facilities but also for the convenience. For on-site arrangement participants do not take the trouble to go to a different place for training where time, transportation, and other hassles involved. Moreover, it is less expensive and participants are still connected to their work place (office) for handling emergency.

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on-site training at felda

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