Management Development & Leadership Courses

101The Essentials of Leadership & Management Skills for Leaders and ManagersOne Week
102 Transformational Leadership - Transforming Manager into Leaders One Week
103Strategic Leadership - Strategic Planning, Negotiation & Conflict ManagementOne Week
104Collaborative Leadership Skills for Managers and SupervisorsOne Week
105Advanced Leadership Skills for Inspiring, Leading & Managing Organizations Towards Peak PerformanceOne Week
106Leadership and Management Skills for the 21st CenturyOne Week
107Creative Leadership for Peak PerformanceOne Week
108Leadership Excellence for Managing Stressful Situation in Work PlaceOne Week
109Goal Setting, Monitoring Evaluation & Gap Analysis for Achieving Management ChallengesOne Week
110Goal Setting, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluating Progress for Achieving Organizational Objectives through Effective ManagementOne Week
111Business Continuity Management and Scenario PlanningOne Week
112Improving Productivity and Employee Engagement through Effective Front Line LeadershipOne Week
113Effective Leadship with Emotional IntelligenceOne Week
114Risk Analysis and ManagementOne Week
115The Art of Strategic ManagementOne Week
116Leadership, Innovation and Enterprise SkillsOne Week
117Conflict Management & Dispute ResolutionOne Week
118Negotiation Skills for Leaders and ManagersOne Week
119Leadership Skills for Negotiation in Time of CrisisOne Week
120Essential Leadership Skills for NegotiationOne Week

Communication & Personal Development Courses

201Communication and Interpersonal Skills for Technical ProfessionalsOne Week
202Interpersonal Skills for ManagersOne Week
203Effective Communication Skills for ManagersOne Week
204Effective Personal ProductivityOne Week
205Communication EssentialsOne Week
206High Impact Business CommunicationOne Week
207Mastering Personal and Interpersonal SkillsOne Week
208Mastering Communication, Negotiation and Presentation SkillsOne Week
209Developing Personal Effectiveness with Positive SkillsOne Week
210Communicating Professionalism in the WorkplaceOne Week
211The Modern Day Communicator - Communication Skills in the 21st CenturyOne Week
212Intercultural Communication and Conflict ResolutionOne Week

Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Management

301General Legislative: Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994, Factories and Machinery Act 1967 (Acts 139), Petroleum Act (Safety Measure), 1984 (Act 302), Environmental Quality Act (1974)One Week
302Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk ControlOne Week
303Industrial Hygiene: Noise, Airborne Contaminant, Chemical, Indoor Air Quality, Heat Exposure, Vibration Exposure Monitoring, Assessment and Control at WorkplaceOne Week
304Ergonomics Assessment and Improvement in WorkplaceOne Week
305Schedule Wastes Management and Globally Harmonized SystemOne Week
306Process Safety Management in Equipment Design & Operation One Week
307Storage & Handling of Toxic Chemicals & Hazardous MaterialsOne Week
308Effective Safety Audits, Site Inspection, and Protection MeasurementOne Week
309The Essential Elements of Safety Case Development & ApplicationOne Week
310Emergency Dispatch & Control Centre OperationOne Week
311Offshore Safety, hazard & Risk Management SystemsOne Week
312Radiation Safety - Safely Working with Radioactive MaterialsOne Week